The Stars come out at Toowong Subaru

Mark, Andrew and the rest of the team at Toowong Subaru, used a Vision 4 – Screen to promote their recent Sales Event to great effect. Congratulations on a successful campaign guys….


Strand Ephemera Sculptural Exhibit – Art Goes Electronic

One of our Vision 4 - Screens in the thick of the action on the beautiful Townsville Strand

One of our Vision 4 – Screens in the thick of the action on the beautiful Townsville Strand

Impact LED Screen Hire was selected by the Townsville City Council to supply the LED Screen solutions’ for the Strand Ephemera Sculptural Exhibit. We had video of the sculptors creating their works running 24/7 on the beautiful Townsville Strand. Looked fantastic and helped make the event a raging success – Congrats to the team at the Perc Tucker Regional Art Gallery and the Townsville City Council.

IMG_1890 1 (675 x 450)

“The End Game” by Ian Loiterton

IMG_1893 1 (675 x 450)

“Ghost Net Crocodile” by Karen Hethey & Cecile Williams

IMG_1900 1 (675 x 450)

“Whale Thong” by Uniting care Community

Record Month after hire of Vision – 4 Screen

IMG_1580 1 (675 x 450)Jason Salter and the team at Motorama Toyota Moorooka have hired a Vision 4 – LED Screen to promote a bulk by of near new Toyota’s passenger and 4WD’s. Congratulations to the
team, they are on track for an all time record result this month. If you are looking for a late model Toyota why not give them a call.

Vision 7- Promotes Norris VW

IMG_1510 1 (675 x 450) The Dealer Principal of Norris Volkswagen and her team, wanted to take advantage of the many thousands of cars each day that drive by there Dealership. They chose a Vision – 7 LED Screen, for its larger size and its undeniable impact on anyone who passes it. The message of “Free on roads and Free Servicing on a large selection of models” is hard to miss if you are travelling by at anytime of the day or night….

Metro Renault European – Promotes Commercials

IMG_1551 1 (675 x 450) The team at Metro Renault European have hired a Vision – 4 LED Screen to promote the massive savings on a range of Company Demonstrators. In addition to the Demonstrator clearance, they also have some crazy good deals on the entire Renault Commercial range….Do you like?

Motions Gym go Electronic

IMG_1537 1 (675 x 450) News Flash, Motions Gym opening on Kessels Road MacGregor, with some fantastic foundation membership offers from $10.95 per week. They chose the electronic medium of a super bright Vision 4 – LED Screen to spread the word. They believe that any businesses biggest asset is its location and they are using this to maximum advantage to get the word out. If you live for the Gym and live on the Southside why not give them a try?